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About Us : Vision, Mission and Core Value


·         “Atmano Moksharrtham Jagadhitaya Cha” (For one’s own salvation, and for the welfare of the world)

·         To empower women from all sections of society through holistic education centered on academics.

·         To instill in our students moral values, discipline and dynamism along with imparting quality education.



·         To cater to the ever-increasing need for women’s education in Bihar.

·         To impart quality education to women students from backward classes and first-generation learners from economically challenged backgrounds, thereby encouraging inclusive growth.

·         To provide an ambience that makes our students ethically strong and professionally competent and, thereby, contributing to a healthy and prosperous society.

·         To encourage innovative thinking and creativity and inculcate research skills in our students.

·         To optimize the use of available infrastructure for sustained development of the college.

·         To supplement and enrich the existing curriculum through seminars and extension lectures by eminent scholars.

·         To adequately assess and address the special needs of backward students through the implementation of Remedial Programmes.

·         To encourage greater participation of students in various academic, cultural and social activities and to develop healthy co-curricular and extra – curricular activities.